Young & Learner Drivers Insurance

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Learner Driver Insurance

  • Solutions available from a week to 6 months
  • You can insure your own car whilst learning
  • Must be aged between 17-21
  • Telematics box is required
  • Fully comprehensive cover given
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Young Driver Insurance

  • A black box is required
  • Insurance premium is based on how you drive (meaning good driving = reductions!)
  • Your car can be traced if lost or stolen
  • Specialise in under 21 year olds, inexperienced drivers under 30 and clients with less than 2 years' driving experience
Call 01443 420662 and quote reference 839F

Learner & Young Driver Insurance

  • No increase in premium when you pass your test
  • You can add parents as named drivers
  • You have the ability to gain discounted premiums for safe driving
  • Additional premiums will be paid if you driver between 11pm-5am (however proof of employment after 11pm / before 5am will shorten the curfew
  • Good driving can enable the night time curfew to be lifted
  • Must be aged between 17-25
Call 0344 3460 384 and quote reference Copperwheat Barlow 1
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